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From a gorgeous winter wedding in Tankardstown House, a ceremony overlooking the water at the Cliff House Hotel to an engagement shoot exploring Dublin city’s hidden gems and a couple celebrating their love on a hotel rooftop in Belfast, this is a small picture of some of the amazing shoots I’ve had the privilege to be part of.


Along with capturing all of the tiny details, I endeavour to create  truly epic images along with plenty of memories that you will remember for a lifetime. From a gorgeous winter wedding at the Morrison, a ceremony overlooking the water at the Cliff House Hotel to an engagement shoot exploring Dublin city’s hidden gems and a couple celebrating their love on a hotel rooftop in Belfast, this is a small picture of some of the amazing shoots I’ve had the privilege to be part of.

Parasto & Family - Dublin City

When Parasto reached out to me to plan a special session to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary, I jumped at the chance especially since they were travelling all the way from Canada to our little island to mark it. Knowing that they would only be in Dublin for a day, I decided to give them a glimpse of a different side of the city, taking in the lesser known spots that tourists aren’t initially attracted to.

So as the clouds loomed overhead threatening rain we set out to take in the serene grounds of the Iveagh Gardens before treating their son, Tiam to something a little different at the Natural History Museum.

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Ellie & Matthew - Cliffs Of Moher Proposal

Matthew got in touch with me one week before his planned trip to Ireland with his girlfriend, Ellie, in celebration of his 30th. Little did she know of his plans! He wanted to propose somewhere epic so he chose the Cliffs of Moher, after the back and forth of emails and a barrage of texts as the moment came closer, we all found ourselves in the same spot.

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Barbara & Brendan - Cliffs of Moher

Barbara reached out to me all the way from New York and I could barely contain my excitement when she explained that she wanted a shoot with her boyfriend (soon to be fiancé, more on that later!). They chose the always stunning Cliffs of Moher for their session which I was absolutely thrilled about.

When we met at Lahinch so I could drive them over, we instantly got on like a house on fire and I felt like we’d been friends for years. Barbara & Brendan were so enthusiastic and willing to go just about anywhere I told them to create the perfect photo, which can be a bit challenging when you standing on the edge of a cliff!

As we headed back down towards the car park we chatted about whether they wanted to get married and what type of wedding they would have. Once I’d dropped them off and we said our goodbye’s I was smiling all the way home!

I’m happy to say that I got a message from Barbara two days later saying that Brendan proposed in Dublin! I’m so delighted for these two and that I got to play a part in their Irish adventure.

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Heather & Edward - Clonwilliam House

Heather & Edward's wedding was an incredible joy filled day, there were kilts aplenty as both families have Scottish heritage and based on the many guests that travelled from far-flung places such as Dubai and Australia, these two are loved so much by their family and friends. 

Clonwilliam House is a simply beautiful venue that is perfect for those that want an intimate wedding. You have the entire house and grounds to yourself, this includes a not so secret swimming pool in the basement for those pre-ceremony swims! I nearly forgot to mention the resident cat who graced us with it's presence during the ceremony, weaving it's way between the seats guests, greeting the bridal party and finally giving Edward a seal of approval with a head butt to the ankle. 

What can I say, it was an absolute pleasure to capture their wedding and I can definitely recommend Clonwilliam House if you are currently looking at venues for your wedding! 

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Cassandra & Shaun - Glendalough

I love any opportunity to explore our beautiful country, when Cassandra & Shaun reached out me to document the two of them on their first trip to Ireland I jumped at the chance to show them around. One of the best places to bring people whether they’ve travelled to Ireland before or not is Glendalough National Park in Wicklow. It has all of the beautiful hallmarks of typical Irish landscape, two stunning lakes, an epic waterfall, plenty of wild animals and ancient ruins.

I had so much fun getting to know Cassandra & Shaun as we wandered around the park, it was so clear to me that they are so deeply in love and it was such a privilege to capture it all on camera.

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Maria & Mike - Ice House Hotel

Maria & Mike, as a lot of my couple’s, decided to do things their way when it came to their big day, after having a private civil ceremony they invited all of their friends and family to the fabulous Ice House Hotel in Ballina for a big celebration.

When the day came, the whole country was in the midst of a storm and when I pulled up to the hotel, the electricity was out with a generator on the way, poor Maria & Mike hadn’t had a chance to get ready ahead of my arrival but they were in the best spirits! So after a bit of a break while the electricity got sorted, we jumped straight into prep and I have to say it was one of the most relaxed days ever!

Maria & Mike even allowed me to drag them out to the pier for their portraits, in the middle of a storm!! What a couple and what a day, have a look below to see their awesome day.

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Susannah & Elijah - Kinbane Castle

Elijah and Susannah first met in Belfast 2013 by chance as Elijah had come from California to explore Ireland. They were put in touch by a friend and after a  day trip sightseeing around Belfast, Susannah knew she wanted to marry Elijah.  Fast forward six months and after a solo trip to Ireland where they began dating, Elijah proposed on a visit to London.

Nine months later they married in Belfast surrounded by their friends and family from both California and Ireland. As Susannah explained, 'It was all a whirlwind and very difficult with the distance, but looking back on it, it was such a precious time'.

 They described how they love going on backpacking trips and roughing it, seeing new movies and finding the coolest bars in every new place they travel.  As Susannah explained, 'We definitely can bring the best/worst in each other at times but we know each other through and through so it’s pretty awesome doing life together'. As they had such a whirlwind celebration of their marriage, we decided to slow things down a bit and spend a relaxed evening having a laugh amongst the stunning setting of Kinbane Castle on the Antrim coast creating some awesome images. 

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Melisa & Padraic - The Morrison Hotel

When deciding on their wedding venue, it was a no-brainer for Melisa & Padraic to choose one of the best spots in the centre of Dublin, The Morrison Hotel. The amazing bridal suite with some of the best views over the Liffey along with a wonderfully quirky reception area, it truly was the best spot for a couple who wanted Dublin to be a big part of their day.

For their portrait session, we explored the streets of Dublin with the wedding party and it was one of the best sessions, I’ve ever had! Stopping off at Whelans where Melisa & Padraic met on a blind date, Temple Bar, capturing the kisses under the lights on Dame Lane before one obligatory stop at the Hapenny Bridge, it was a whirlwind tour of what Dublin has to offer and none of us were disappointed!

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Anne-Marie & Cillian - Tankardstown

Anne-Marie & Cillian's wedding was full of amazing surprises, from group of musical 'guests' and choir playing a beautiful rendition of 'All You Need Is Love' inspired by 'Love Actually' to a fire and drum performance to get the celebrations started. This was one incredible wedding in the most picturesque of settings, Tankardstown House.   

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Rachel & Jonathan - Glendalough

I met Rachel & Jonathan on a misty Saturday morning at the ruins in Glendalough and from the minute we met we got on like a house on fire. These two are such an amazing couple, filled with so much love and admiration for each other and they certainly can never fail in making each other laugh. We explored the park dodging tourists and avid hikers, finding our own little spots of seclusion, needless to say head's turned when the screeches of laughter could be heard amongst the trees. 

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Naomi & Danielle - Killiney Hill

One year to the day, since Danielle proposed to Naomi at this very spot on Killiney Hill, we set out on a little adventure. I had such an amazing time getting to know Danielle & Naomi and it was clear from the moment I met them that they were very much in love. There was plenty of giggles, kisses and hugs, these two were a joy to photograph.

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Amber BaruchKilliney Hill
Charlene & Eamon - Belfast City

After a truly inspiring few days spent at the BURN conference in Belfast, I was dying to scratch that creative itch and dive into something a little different and so Charlene & Eamon crossed my path!

Charlene describes how they met;

‘I met Eamon earlier this year at a music festival and it all fell into place and clicked from the beginning. We love history and art, spending our weekends going to antique craft fairs and hidden salvage yards to provide us with inspiration for our home and future plans. We are always discussing our current paths and future plans knowing we have a long and loving path ahead together’.

Eamon was one of the best boyfriend’s to capture due to his remarkably calm nature which was astounding considering he wasn’t a fan of heights or getting his photo taken! He describes their plans for the future; ‘We have only scratched the surface of things we want to do. To look to the future, we have moved in together, we have plans for our first holiday and I can't wait  for our first Christmas and New Year together’.

I wanted to push the boundaries a little and go for a location that demonstrated Charlene & Eamon’s new relationship as well as their love for their adopted city of Belfast. The rooftop of the Europa was the perfect spot especially after the cloud cleared showcasing the most beautiful cityscape.

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